Thursday, October 16, 2014

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We've had a lot of people say to us, "Awareness Month? It's 2014! We don't need awareness month! What we need is Down syndrome inclusion month! Or acceptance month! Or advocacy month!"
October is Down syndrome Awareness Month Based on the calls and emails we get here at our National Center, we would say all of the above are still needed pretty desperately.From the new mom who has just gotten a diagnosis...well, she "knows" what Down syndrome is...but really, she has no idea what it means or what to expect.Or the grandfather who calls and says his daughter is expecting a baby with Down syndrome, and that "this is the worst thing that has ever happened to our family". Or the educator who tells the parents of a seven year old, "Those expectations for your child are unrealistic. Don't you understand that he has Down syndrome?"
Or the doctor who counsels his patients to end a pregnancy to avoid the "suffering and heartache". Yes, all those things still happen in 2014 America. We sure are glad all of these people (and others like them) reached out to us, so we could help them work through their questions and concerns. There is plenty of room for awareness, acceptance, inclusion and advocacy all year long - not just in October. But you've got to admit it's kind of nice to have a month to hang your hat really get out there and say the words "We're More Alike Than Different".
October is a time for local fundraising walks and photos on the Capitol steps with your election officials. But EVERY DAY is a great day to truly live the "awareness / acceptance / inclusion / advocacy" message.
When those who are unfamiliar with Down syndrome see our children out on the soccer field, in the dance recital and in school performances, they are seeing them as capable. When self advocates are seen performing their jobs in coffee shops and grocery stores and hospitals, they are proving to the world that they have abilities and that they contribute to Society
Keep doing what you're doing! Let others see your family doing everyday family things - going to ballgames, movies, picnics, restaurants. Praise their accomplishments, highlight their abilities, talk about the joy your child brings to your family and those whose lives are touched by his. Help the people in your community see your child as a person first, a person with Down syndrome second. There is a wonderful opportunity for awareness, acceptance, inclusion and advocacy every day when you walk out your front door! But in October? You can be more "aware" that you are doing it. What Else Should We Do in October?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Buddy walk is here again!!

I can’t believe buddy walk started when I was only 13 years old and in Jr. High School and I am now 31 years old. DSI has always been a place where I felt accepted and a place where I could do a little bit more.

Early Bird Registration/Team Packet Pick-up Friday October 3rd 2014 3:00-7:00pm at Sol Center Ballroom, ( 2nd floor) 708 E. Michigan Street, Indianapolis IN 46202 . Send one team member to deposit donations and pick up shirts for team members who will be participating in the buddy walk. Then, enjoy a worry free buddy walk? With friends and family, without having to wait in line!

Come join us for the 17the Annual Buddy walk it will be held at celebration plaza of White River state park on October 11th 2014 Activities begin at 9:00 am the walk will start around 12 noon! Come on down and join the families who come together celebrate. There will be activities, food, and stories to share, hope to see you their rain or shine

You can go on  if you would like to register your buddy walk team. If you, or someone you know would like to volunteer at the buddy walk, please contact Alyssa Ludlow DSI Volunteer coordinator by email or phone (1317-925-7617 ) for further information Down Syndrome Indiana would be honored to work with you!

Article by Jessica Green

Saturday, September 27, 2014

DSI Self Advocate Meet & Greet and Costume Party

To All Self Advocates

Please come with your best costume! we will have Best Costume Awards, Pumpkin Painting, Karaoke, DJ and Dancing

Food will be provided

Pizza, Caramel Apples, and lots of candy
please let us know if anybody has any food allergies

When: Friday, October 10 2014

  Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

  Where: DSI Office
   708 E. Michigan Street
   Indianapolis Indiana 46202

or 1317-925-7617

Thursday, September 4, 2014

DSI Self Advocates Activity Night:

When: September 18th at 6pm
What: Craft, Food and Movie Night
Where: DSI (708 E. Michigan St. Indianapolis, IN 46202) Send your vote in for -- food and movie

Vote on Movie: Disney’s Robin Hood, Muppets Most Wanted…again!, or Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games

Vote on Food: pizza, sandwiches, or tacos
Side food – salads, chips, and light desert.
Before the movie we will work on a banner to be hung at the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk in October.

Each of us will have the opportunity to write, draw and decorate a portion of this banner. Come for a great night of fellowship - let's get to know each other so we can plan other awesome activities.

Feel free to contact Christina Hammes with questions (317) 480-2001 or

you can contact DSI Office at 1317-925-7617 for further information or 

you can contact me at:
for any suggestions for more Self Advocates Activities

check back for more updates

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Self Advocate Newsletter in the works

All Self Advocates

The Self Advocate newsletter is in the process of finishing but it needs your Creative thinking, Creative Writing, Poetry, Articles, Holiday Stories, Artwork, and much more. So far, the newsletter is looking great it has an Interview about think collage! By Kelly Schreiner,  A Quote By Jessica Green, Letter From the Editor on page 3,  Benefit Concert "Such a Night" On page 4.

If anyone who has a job or a volunteer job would like to share and be apart of the newsletter
you can contact me at: or at the Down Syndrome Indiana office at 317-925-7617

I hope you hope find this newsletter fun to look at it and enjoying reading it and if you ever want  your Self Advocate to participate in any of the Self Advocates events you can Contact DSI Event Coordinator Jessica Hadsell at

Have a Great Summer

Jessica Green

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Self Advocate Alert

Action needed immediately!

The ABLE Act is out of committee and will be marked up Tomorrow ( On Thursday).

This is the next step towards passage of this bill.

Please call Majority Member to Vote YES before Thursday markup on the ABLE Act

Please Call Todd Young,  IN    1-202-225-5315

Thank You Self Advocates

Jessica Green

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July

4th of July has passed,  But I would like to share what I did with my parents. My dad was grilling the meat and my mom and I got the side dishes then turned on some music and started cooking out then we went outside to eat with my dog Sofie and her cousin Kenya that I was my favorite part being with my parents and the dogs.

If you would like to share your Stories and Articles of celebrating the 4th of July with an attachment of a current picture of yourself with your pets as well,

You can send your stories and articles to
Down  Syndrome Indiana
708 E. Michigan Street
Indianapolis Indiana 46202

You can contact me at:

Take care
Jessica Green